The “Navibus Jules Vernes 2” is now on daily duty, in Nantes, France. Carrying passengers between the two shores on the Erdre river, this boat is a silent and fully zero emission solution. Symbio designed the complete propulsion system, thanks to two redundant fuel cell systems of its own developed by the team in Grenoble. The boat is fully operational, always on, and needs refueling only once a week at the hydrogen refueling station on the river’s bank.

Symbio with Engie @Viva Technology Paris 2017

Pierre-Yves Le Berre, VP Marketing, presents Symbio at Viva Technology in Paris, June 2017.

European Fuel Cell Car Workshop 2017

March 2017 – Orléans, France. Symbio was speaking at this European workshop dedicated to recent progress in fuel cells for automotive applications.

[Video in French only]

Pierre Moscovici, European Commissioner, visits Symbio’s offices in Grenoble

Feb 2017 – After the visit of the European Commissioner, Pierre Moscovici, to Symbio’s offices in Grenoble, he tweeted that Symbio was “a great example of an innovative European start-up that produce today the sustainable mobility of tomorrow”


Dec 2016 – As energy transition becomes a reality, new technologies are in the ascendant phase. Convinced of the benefits it offers, the Region Normandie wishes to develop the hydrogen industry.



Oct 2016 – The Fire and Emergency Services department are now using 2 Renault Kangoo Z.E H2, equipped with a fuel cell running on hydrogen providing a reliable zero emission platform that guarantees operational continuity and 100% availability.

Braley turns on its first Kangoo ZE-H2

Oct 2016 – Braley, based near Rodez in France, has just got it’s first Kangoo ZE-H2. Time to turn it on!

Braley’s project for deploying an Hydrogen Refuelling Station for a local fleet of Kangoo ZE-H2 light duty vehicles is part of the H2ME european project and as such has received funding from the FCH-JU. The project is also including the deployment of a big electrolyser from Areva H2Gen that will be using renewable electricity provided by hydro power. Indeed, the local French Department of Aveyron produces about 12% of the national hydro-power electricity.


Oct 2016 – Joined by its partners ENGIE & Michelin, Symbio was speaking about the high technology behind Fuel Cell cars and its ambition for zero emission mobility on the TV set Auto Techno at the Mondial de l’Automobile 2016

Watch the opening of the refueling station and fuel cell vehicles at Saint-Lô

Nov 2015 – Credits:

Symbio, Engie and Michelin present the hydrogen revolution


French government administration buys and praises Kangoo ZE-H2 (French video)

World first, the GreenGT H2 on the road

Aug 2015 – This is a Fuel Cell hydrogen electric car, yes it is…340 kW net power made with Symbio FCell stacks. The history is being written these days.

VP of Symbio speak to Auto TV – 7pm

Aug 2015 – [In French]

Engie, Michelin and Symbio FCell on stage together


Watch HyWay video! The largest FCEV fleet in Europe…

Symbio and McPhy invited by the French President for the COP21 preparation meeting

Dec 2014 – Pascal Mauberger, CEO of McPhy and President of AFHYPAC, and Fabio Ferrari, CEO of Symbio (first and second on the left), were invited at the Palais de l’Élysée for a COP21 preparation meeting. The COP21 Environmental conference will gather world leaders in Paris in December 21. Hydrogen will be a key thematic.

French President François Hollande declared to F. Ferrari and P. Mauberger: “You know Hydrogen is always welcome in this place”.

On trip with the Kangoo ZE-H2 in China (French TV)

Pierre-Yves Le Berre, VP Sales, talks about hydrogen on BFM TV

Sep – 2014 [In French] – Hydrogen and electric mobility talks start at 7:50