About us

Our Mission: Make it simple, make it a reality

Fuel Cell System kits designed and produced by Symbio FCell SA for land and sea vehicle manufacturers offer a seamless evolution of green mobility solutions that extend vehicle autonomy. Our modular H2 systems provide a wide range of PEM-based mobile energy solutions that address density and reliability issues and are ready for cost effective mass production. In order to develop our core business in the design and production of Fuel Cell Systems, we are continuously expanding our team of collaborators, who represent best practices in each domain of the fuel cell system and environment. Our strategy is to build a customer-oriented ecosystem of expert companies that together, form a whole. To that end we have set up highly focused joint development programs with leading-edge players in the industry such as CEA-Liten and Michelin. Whether it’s expanding the range of existing electric vehicles, or converting diesel vehicles to electric using hydrogen energy storage, we make it simple, reliable and cost effective. Symbio FCell makes fuel cells a reality.

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to remove. (Antoine de St. Exupéry, French writer, 1900 – 1944).

Scalable Fuel Cell systems

SymbioFCell designs and produces both PEM-based Hydrogen Fuel Cell Range Extenders (5 kW to 20 kW), and Full Power Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems (80 kW to 300 kW). Our modular system design “ALP®”, is based on fully scalable common components. Our core expertise is in the integration of these complex components to build solutions tailored to each vehicle. According to our customer’s requirements this solution could include various components, from hydrogen storage to power electronics, to hybrid battery/hydrogen integration. SymbioFCell is focused on both Range Extenders and High Power, low form factor, reduced-cost energy supply systems. Our Fuel Cell System solution targets high availability and a lifetime of over 10,000 hours. Thanks to our hardware and software reference design, average lead-time is less than six months for each new prototype, including interfacing and implantation, which enables the rapid diffusion of the technology into all kinds of applications.

Company values and Customer Commitment


Expertise, team spirit and customer commitment are the driving forces that have enabled Symbio FCell to define, develop and launch such an ambitious venture in so little time. The company has brought together exceptional individuals, who through mutual respect and determination have succeed in their desire to out perform all other Fuel Cell projects. This shared drive has enabled Symbio FCell to build solid foundations, to innovate in each area of the project and to overcome new challenges with intelligence and creativity. In turn, the company has provided the structure and processes that ensure the efficiency, quality and reliability of the products.


Customer satisfaction is Symbio FCell’s primary objective. The entire team is focused on achieving this goal. We develop these relationships by actively seeking customer input, requesting feedback and working to understand customer needs and expectations. This close collaboration is essential to the building of exceptional, cost-effective products, perfectly in tune with customer goals.


At SymbioFCell, we are all strongly committed to improving people’s lives today and into the future. Developing alternatives to fossil fuel energies will do this. Fossil fuel exploitation leads to war, oppression and environmental pollution, which severely impact people’s health and the biodiversity of the planet. Our approach takes into account the ecological impact of our technologies and innovations. We strive to build products that are cleaner, stronger and more durable than any existing power sources on the market today.